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     My previous cleaning service was fine until they recently raised their already outrageous prices. I called around, and Maze Hill Cleaning Services was the cheapest. Their cleaners made their first visit earlier this week, and they did a terrific job.
Emily J.21/05/2020
     I was delighted with the deep cleaning services I received. Thank you!
     Our new home had some construction work pending. It had to be done two days before our moving in. There was a huge mess with the plastering and rubble. Maze Hill Carpet Cleaning's team came in equipped with the requisite tools and cleaned the mess in three hours flat. The negotiated price was extremely worth it and the place was transformed. Service brilliance at its best.
Ray Treagon08/05/2015
     After having had the pleasure of working with a number of cleaning services in the area, I think that there is only one who I would actively recommend to anyone who was looking for help. After trusting all of my cleaning to MazeHillCarpetCleaners, I can safely say that I have not had an easier time when it comes to keeping the house as clean as possible and that the difference they are able to make is so, so noticeable. It really is enough to make a home feel fresh and new and they hardly charge a thing either.
James Sanders04/06/2014

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